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Annual Meeting MinutesMunson Township Board of Supervisors

Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2020
The regular monthly meeting of the Munson Township Board of Supervisors was called to order at 8:00 PM on August 17, 2020 by Chairman, Butch Gertken.
Joe Willenbring, Matt Burg Clerk, Boni Behnen, Treasurer, Dick Behnen, P & Z Ad., Lynn Burg, P& Z Chair, Orville Willenbring and P and Z member, Mike Behnen.


A motion to approve the town board minutes from July 20, 2020, was made by Burg, seconded by Willenbring. Carried 3-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Income $11,276.75 Expenses $31,413.36 Balance $549,547.58. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Willenbring, seconded by Burg. Carried 3-0.

COL Fire Update

The fire department would like to find out the definite cost of a pickup truck before deciding to purchase. They are working on a list for Cares Act Funds to see what would be eligible to purchase, possibly a Lucas Machine. Jake Zimmermann has left the department.

Mary Schrobilgen, 20939 Eastway Road stated that the neighbors at 20935 Eastway Road had constructed a three-level retaining wall without a permit. Sand was running into the lake.  Because of the proximity to the lakeshore Mary was instructed to contact Stearns County Environmental Services as they would have been the ones to issue a permit.

Corey Stauffeneker had emailed Burg about a washout on Elkview Court. Burg had looked at it and said that it did not appear to be too bad. Elkview Court is not the township’s responsibility.

The contract with ASTECH was signed by the Chair and Clerk for crack seal on 243rd east to Co. Rd. 23 and seal coat on Becker Lake Circle, with WSB engineer, Mike Nielson, Project Manager. Motion Burg, second Willenbring. Carried 3-0.

Mike Nielson and Andrea Blanchette, WSB, gave a PowerPoint presentation on a Pavement Management Workplan for Munson Township. Packet Attached. PAVER is the computer program that would be used to determine the condition on the roads. Andrea stated that it takes the politics out of decision making for the township. The board stated that some roads are shared with other townships so they would be in on the road repair decision. Willenbring estimated that Munson Township had approximately 25 miles of tarred roads. Mike and Andrea will have a proposal ready for the board’s consideration at next month’s meeting.

Gertken asked Nielson what his opinion was of placing fabric under gravel roads for stability. Nielson that in most places it was excellent.

Ron Mehr wanted to clear up an issue that he was having with Leo Schlangen. The township road is part of Leo’s driveway and Leo had asked Willenbring if he could cut the road ditch. Willenbring had given permission to Leo to cut the ditch but had not given permission for him to make the hay.

Tony/Nancy Seminitis, 21980 Pheasant Ridge Road, 23.14525.0503 were requesting a site permit from the township to construct a shed on their property along Pheasant Ridge Road. The township stopped issuing permits in the development because the Bartes’ had not finished the stormwater plans as required by the township and the county. Bartes was asking for 30 days to complete the project and had submitted plans to the county. He wanted the township to allow permits for Johannes and Seminitis. If the county okays the new plans the township will allow permits to be given to Chuck Johannes for a driveway and a home permit and Tony Seminitis for a permit to build a shed. Motion Willenbring, second Burg. Carried 3-0.


Distribution of Cares Act Funds was discussed. The township is allowed funding for COVID related expenses incurred to comply with mandates by the state. Possible items that the board is considering:

Acoustic tiles to cut down on echoing during meetings.

An air exchanger and filtering system to filter out COVID contaminants.

Food shelf donation.

Matt will get an estimate for the acoustic tiles and Boni will get estimates from Mondloch and Gilk for the filtration system. 

Boni will purchase masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning sanitizer.

Gertken will attend the St Martin Fire Budget meeting at St Martin on Thursday, August 20. Motion Willenbring, second Burg. Carried 3-0. By request, only one supervisor is asked to attend.

The board discussed the proposed development of the Hemmesch land directly east of the fire hall. It is a 40-acre plot with 91 houses planned. What will be the impact to Munson Township? Increased traffic on 193rd Ave is expected.

A motion to pay bills and was made by Willenbring, seconded by Burg. Carried 3-0. Bills were paid in the amount of $ 16,030.53 using check numbers 6821-6829.

A motion to pay Gertken for cutting road ditches was made by Burg, second by Willenbring. Carried 2-0. Gertken abstained. Check #6827.


At 10:15, the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes submitted by:    Boni Behnen, Clerk

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