Munson Township

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Munson Township

P O Box 505

23857 County Road 23

Richmond, MN 56368

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MunsonTown Hall Rental: Please contact Lynn Burg for town hall rental information 320-597-3335 or email Lynn Burg:

Munson Township no longer employs a pound master to take care of barking dogs or stray animals. Please contact the Stearns County Sheriff's Office with animal complaints. 320-251-4240

Board Chair - Joe Willenbring,20471 Elmdale Road, Richmond, MN 56368, 320-597-3649 Email:
Vice-Chair- Butch Gertken, 20704 243rd Street, Richmond, MN 56368, 320-597-3640 Email:

Supervisor -​Matt Burg, 21301 County Road 111, Richmond, MN 56368, 320-597-3335 Email:

To report a road, sign  or snow issue,  please call or email one of the supervisors listed above.
Clerk - Boni Behnen, 24285 193rd Ave., Richmond, MN 56368, 320-597-3068. By phone, office hours weekdays from 9:00-5:00. I will return your call the following day if  it is after 5 PM or Monday if after 5 PM Friday or email the Clerk at ​Please do not leave messages on the town hall phone as no one is there to return your call.
Treasurer - Dick Behnen, 24285 193rd. Ave., Richmond, MN 56368, 320-597-3068
Zoning Administrator - Lynn Burg, 21301 Cty Rd 111, Richmond, MN 56368, - 320-597-3335
Building Inspector - Mark Harren, 320-207-1209 email:

Assessor - Jake Pidde,, 705 Courthouse Sq., Rm. 37, St. Cloud, MN 56301, 320-656-3680

Planning and Zoning Commission

For site visits and site permits please contact the Zoning Ad., Lynn Burg. The clerk does not issue site or building permits. 

Zoning Administrator -Lynn Burg 597-3335
Board Chair - Mike Behnen 320-980-4789

Vice Chair - Dave Thielen 320-761-3968
Board Member - Tom Schoenberg 320-597-6814
Board Member -John Tschumperlin 320-597-2543
Board Member -Orville Willenbring 320-597-2159