Munson Township

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Munson Township

P O Box 505

23857 County Road 23

Richmond, MN 56368

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Munson Town Hall Rental: The town hall is unavailable for rent at this time

Munson Township no longer employs a pound master to take care of barking dogs or stray animals. Please contact the Stearns County Sheriff's Office with animal complaints. 320-251-4240

Attention - Lynn Burg is unavailable at this time due to a medical issue. Please contact Michael Friedrichs for site permits until further notice.

Board Chair - Butch Gertken, 20704 243rd Street, Richmond, MN 56368, 320-597-3640 Email

Vice-Chair- Matt Burg, 21301County Road 111, Richmond, Mn 56368, 320-597-3335 Email

Supervisor -​ Joe Willenbring, 20471 Elmdale Road, Richmond, MN 56368​, 320-597-3649 Email

To report a road, sign, or snow issue, please call or email one of the supervisors listed above.
Clerk - Boni Behnen, 24285 193rd Ave., Richmond, MN 56368,

320-597-3068 or email the Clerk at ​

By phone, office hours weekdays from 9:00-5:00. I will return your call the following day if it is after 5 PM Monday-Thursday, or on the following Monday if after 5 PM Friday Please do not leave messages on the town hall phone as no one is there to return your call.
Treasurer - Dick Behnen, 24285 193rd. Ave., Richmond, MN 56368, 320-597-3068
Zoning Administrator - Lynn Burg, 21301 Cty Rd 111, Richmond, MN 56368,

Building Inspector:  Inspectron Inc.,  ​Michael Friedrichs 320-377-9029
Assessor - Jake Pidde, 705 Courthouse Sq., Rm. 37, St. Cloud, MN 56301,


Planning and Zoning Commission

For site visits and site permits please contact the Zoning Ad., Lynn Burg.

The clerk does not issue site or building permits. 

Zoning Administrator -Lynn Burg 597-3335
Board Chair - Dave Thielen 320-761-3968

Vice Chair - Mike Behnen 320-980-4789 
Board Member - Tom Schoenberg 320-597-6814
Board Member -John Tschumperlin 320-597-2543
Board Member -Orville Willenbring 320-597-2159